Collection: Freebies

You can choose 1 freebie from the designated pricing tier that your order qualifies for. 

Alternatively, you can mix and match and choose multiple freebies from lesser tiers for a total amount up to your total order amount. Ex.: for a $500 order, you can choose 1 freebie from the $200 tier PLUS 1 freebie from the $300 tier.

The pricing tier is based on the order amount AFTER any discount and BEFORE shipping and taxes are added. Please choose the freebie(s) that your order is qualified for, or the freebie(s) will be canceled. 

Freebies are ONLY AVAILABLE ONLINE. This includes preorders for pick up at shows, but due to availability while at shows if freebies are given they will be given based off of availability at each individual show and at our discretion. We will not be able to honor this system in person, so if you are hoping to make use of it pre-ordering before a show is the best way to do so.