About Us

Buddha Bugs is a family owned business based in Texas. Founded in 2020 by Nick and Ziqian, our goal was to bring quality captive bred tarantulas and isopods to our local community. Although we're relatively young and new commercially, we have a combined knowledge and keeping experience of 27 years working with a wide range of reptiles and invertebrates.

We sell captive bred animals only. Some of them are produced by us here at Buddha Bugs while the rest of them either come from reputable breeders in the US or are imported from Europe legally and safely.

We take care of our spiders and isopods once every week to make sure they are getting the proper care they need which includes: misting, feeding, cleaning (taking out the leftovers and molts, washing water bowls) and rehousing if necessary. All of our spiders are well-fed and living in properly sized enclosures with correct husbandry.

At Buddha Bugs we care about the health of our animals and our customer satisfaction more than anything, that's why we put in extra work getting the animals ready to be shipped. Every order comes in an insulated box with a heat pack/cold pack and/or cryopaks to keep the temperature inside the box at safe levels. The box is also very carefully packed to ensure the animals are not able to shift in transit and injure themselves.

If you have any questions about your new animals, or concerns before placing an order, we'd love to help! Contact us by clicking the "Chat with us" button or message us on our social media and we will get back to you ASAP!