Is there an order minimum? 

Yes. The order must be over $75 for us to ship it. But we do not require a minimum order amount for expo pick-up. 

Do you ship all year round?

We do! However, extreme temperatures in North Texas or your destination may postpone shipping. We will notify you if this happens, and together, we will figure out a new shipping date. 

What shipping carrier do you use?

We use FedEx Priority Overnight for all live animals. Orders that include only isopods and/or springtails can also be shipped USPS for a lower shipping rate.

Why is the shipping cost so high?

We ship FedEx Priority Overnight for most shipments, and we recommend always choosing this shipping method because it's the most reliable way to ship live animals. Unfortunately, we know that it can be costly. We do our best to capture and utilize cheaper shipping rates by working with shipping partners and increasing our savings through volume discounts; these savings are then passed on to our customers. Our current rates are already around 60% cheaper on average than a direct quote from FedEx, and our flat-rate shipping costs for these shipments are average or below average across this industry. It is also important to consider the additional $6-$10 in costs we incur on the packing supplies for every shipment to ensure safe arrival, which we do not add to the shipping fee. For most shipments, we're losing money on shipping costs.

What if my spiders arrive dead? 

Please send us a photo of the deceased animal to receive a refund or replacement. "Freebies" are not covered by our Live Arrival Guarantee. For LAG details, see Shipping Policy.

What if one or more of my isopods arrive dead?

We usually put at least one extra in the cup to ensure you will still get the amount you ordered, even if one dies during shipment. If there are more deaths and you don't get the amount you're supposed to, contact us, and we'll issue a partial refund. For LAG details, see Shipping Policy.

Do you ship overseas?

No. We do not ship live animals overseas. However, our merchandise can be shipped worldwide! You can purchase them through our Etsy store. 


What could be in the mystery bags? 

The animals in the mystery bags could be anything on our website that adds up to the total value or higher. For tarantulas, it would be a mix of Old World and New World species. 

Can I pick what's in my mystery bag? 

No. Currently, we do not allow any customization for mystery bags. However, if you have bought mystery bags from us before, we will ensure you get something different in the bag. 

How are the spiders measured?

If you're new to the hobby, you may think the spider you receive is smaller than the measurement listed in the description. Spiders are measured diagonally when fully stretched out, from the tip of the first leg to the tip of the last leg on the opposite side. 

What age/size are the isopods you sell? 

Isopods will be mixed-sized juveniles and sub-adults. We don't send out adults since there's no way to know the age or how much longer the animal will live.

Are the product photos photos of the exact animal being sold?

No, many of our product photos are professional photos taken by us of mature female/adult examples of the same species. The remaining photos are voucher photos of smaller animals, not necessarily the exact animal for sale. Most of the animals we're selling, such as spiders, assassin bugs, and mantids, are slings/nymphs that do not necessarily resemble the product photos. The product title or description states the size/age of the actual animal being sold.


I want some of the ESA-listed Poecilotheria species you have for sale, but I don't live in Texas. Can I purchase them?

No. All ESA-listed species can NOT be shipped across state lines, as stated in the product titles and descriptions. Not even as a "freebie". Please do not purchase if you live outside of Texas, or your order will be canceled and refunded immediately; you will also be charged a 5% canceling fee, which will be deducted from the refund. 

I like the photographs on your website. Do you sell prints? 

Yes, we do sell prints. We charged $20 each for 8x10 prints. Message us if you'd like to order one! 

Order Questions

Can I cancel the order I just placed?

Yes. Please contact us immediately if you accidentally placed the order and want to cancel. Double-check the address, order amount, and payment method before placing an order. Although we do not require any cancellation/restocking fees for cancellation within 24 hours, please keep in mind that we get charged a transaction fee for this process by Shopify, no matter what type of online payment you use. 

Can I make changes to my order?

Yes. Message us, and we'll see what we can do. 

I already placed an order, and it has yet to be shipped. Can I add more stuff to it?

Yes! Just message us, and we will add a new $0 shipping option at checkout so you can add something to the existing order. 

Do you offer any sales or discounts? 

We do have sales a few times a year. They usually don't last very long, so follow our social media and subscribe to our emails to ensure you don't miss them!

Can I use multiple promotions or discounts on my order?

No. You can use only one promotion or discount code per order.

Can I add more than one freebie to my order?

That depends on the total amount of your order and what freebies you choose. 

You can choose one freebie from the designated pricing tier that your order qualifies for. Alternatively, you can mix and match and select multiple freebies from lesser tiers for a total amount up to your total order amount. (Ex., for a $500 order, you can choose one freebie from the $200 tier PLUS one freebie from the $300 tier, OR you can choose one freebie from the $500 tier. )

Reptile Expos

What are the reptile expos you guys will be vending?

We vend most expos in Texas and a few in other major cities across the US! See our Expo Schedule for details. 

Are the prices at expos the same as on the website? 

Yes. The prices are the same.

Can I order online and pick up at an expo?

Yes! We don't bring all species/morphs of isopods we have to a show, and for most tarantulas, we only bring one of each species. So, pre-ordering is a good way to ensure you get the pets you need. It's also the only way to get freebies of your choosing at the expo since our freebies are only available online. 

Just add the products to the cart and proceed to check out. The expo pick-up option will be under "Shipping method." This option will become available to TX, OK, and LA residents about one week before each show. 

Do you bring all your inventory to expos? 

No, and the animals we do bring to expos, we only bring up to two of each species. This is one of the reasons why we encourage you to pre-order before each show! 


Do you offer wholesale pricing? 

We offer wholesale pricing on a few species of isopods and some of the tarantulas we produce here. Message us for our wholesale list!